Secretary of the General Staff - Policies and News

Policy Title


Policy Number

Policy Identifying the Minimum Area of Consideration for Vacancy Announcements   17-01
Use of Flags for Official Purposes within CASCOM   17-02
Emergency Action Plan Implementation and Training   17-03
CASCOM Acquisition Management Oversight Contracting Workload Prioritization Program Policy   17-04
Sexual Assault and Off Post Lodging   17-05
Equal Opportunity Policy, CASCOM Policy 16-01   16-01
Motorcycle and Safety Policy   16-03
Policy Regarding the Rolling of Sleeves on the Army combat Uniform (ACU)   16-04
Leader Development Policy   16-05
Command Supply Discipline Program Policy   16-06
Casualty Operations Personnel Support Policy   16-07
CASCOM Approval of OCONUS Travel Policy   16-08
CASCOM and Fort Lee Awards Processing Policy   16-09
CASCOM Distinguished Visitor Policy   16-10
Information Technology Procurement Policy   16-11
CASCOM G1 Military Human Resources Division (MHRD)   16-12
CG Open Door Policy   15-01
Commanding General's Retention Program   15-02
GSA Non-Tactical Vehicle Support Management Policy   15-03
Evaluations   15-06
Civilian Health and Resiliency   15-07
Administrative Actions Policy   15-08
OCONUS Travel   15-09
Spice Policy Memo   15-11
Withholding and Reservation Authority   15-12
CASCOM Command Safety Policy   15-13
CASCOM Operational Inspection Program   15-14
Military Funeral Honors   15-17
Risk Decision Policy 15-18
Personal, Coordinating and Special Staff Directorate Responsibilities   15-20
Assumption of Command    
CASCOM FY17 Holiday Observances    
CASCOM FY18 Holiday Observances    
CG Counseling Guidance    
CG Rating Scheme Civilian Jan 2017    
CG Rating Scheme Military Jan 2017    
Risk Decision    
Somervell Coin-Medallion of Excellence    
Somervell Recommendation Sample    
Uniform Code of Military Justice   AR 27-10
End of Course Survey Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Questions and Reporting