Appendix I - Rehearsals

The Joint Readiness Training Center has several useful videos that demonstrate how to conduct various rehearsals, battle rhythm events, and MDMP steps. Please Click Here to access the videos.*

Topics include:

  • Sustainment Rehearsal
  • Sustainment Synchronization Meeting
  • OPSYNC Meeting
  • Wargaming/COA Analysis
  • Battalion Combined Arms Rehearsal
  • Course of Action Development (COA DEV)
  • Air Assault Mission Planning
  • Targeting Working Group
  • BCT Fire Support Rehearsal
  • Fires Technical Rehearsal
  • Information Collection (IC) Rehearsal
  • Obstacle Planning
  • Terrain Management
  • Mortar Emplacement

*NOTE: These videos are posted to the Army Training Network (ATN).  ATN is CAC enabled.