Operations Division


Provides command wide support and oversight of current and future operations to maintain situational awareness and ensure timely and accurate command and control reporting.


(1) Responsible for the process and monitoring of operational, organizational, and personnel taskings, both internal and external for CASCOM and SCoE. Receives, clarifies, distributes, monitors, and tracks all taskings originating from outside of the CASCOM and SCoE and prepares, issues, monitors, and tracks taskings originating internal to the CASCOM and SCoE.
(2) Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates, and manages activities involved in analysis, design, and development of operational programs and initiatives.
(3) Manages the CASCOM Board of Directors (BOD) program.
(4) Develops, coordinates, and integrates center level initiatives in support of the execution of the command’s institutional training mission. Reviews and analyzes processes and programs to maximize efficiencies and performance for the execution of center level training and support programs.
(5) Develops, manages, and implements operational and functional plans in support of the CASCOM and SCoE. Leads command operations and readiness reporting. Integrates and synchronizes operations across CASCOM.
(6) Analyzes, integrates, and synchronizes command requirements and solutions; recommends command priorities to ensure subordinate organizations of CASCOM can perform their operational and training missions.
(7) Serves as the Command lead for the staff management of the Initial Entry Training issues and programs.
(8) Provides staff management for the CASCOM Antiterrorism, Force protection and OPSEC programs.
(9) Conduit of official communication between TRADOC G-3/5/7, CASCOM, and its subordinate activities.
(10) Provides staff management and oversight of the multi-school contracts and support requirements.
(11) Develops and recommends priorities for the command. Analyzes, integrates, and synchronizes command requirements and solutions in accordance with CG priorities
(12) Prepares/coordinates the monthly NETUSR.
(13) Coordinates, synchronizes, and deconflicts training and operational resources.

Organization Chart