Plans and Strategy Division


Develops and implements strategies, strategic initiatives and programs for CASCOM that are aligned with TRADOC, HQDA and DoD priorities and initiatives to include the development, deployment and execution of the CASCOM Strategic Plan and other key documents

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(1) Lead for development of plans, initiatives, and corresponding strategic documents with greater than 1 year lead time.

(2) Lead for development, update and publication of CASCOM's Strategic Plan, ensuring alignment with TRADOC and HQDA strategic plans and initiatives.

(3) Serve as the command focal point for transformation of the Army including the TAP, the ACP, the TRADOC Strategic Plan and initiatives, and other ACOM and ASCC plans as required.

(4) Lead for the development, coordination and integration of sustainment strategies, initiatives, practices and organizations that formalize the Globally Responsive Sustainment (GRS) forum. The GRS forum addresses the inherent sustainment warfighting challenges and complexities across all warfighting functions, informs policy and strategic priorities, promotes collaboration across the total Army and joint partners, develops agile leaders, and ensures greater efficiency and effectiveness pursuant to fulfilling our Title 10 obligations.

(5) Lead for delivery of sustainment strategies, initiatives, and programs to the futures forum for synchronization with higher commands and ACOMs.

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