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Develop all Quartermaster AC/RC individual training products, except as noted previously, in support of the Quartermaster General (QMG), Quartermaster School (QMS) and field units.

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The Quartermaster Training Division is comprised of two branches with each supporting a primary Quartermaster specialization. These branches are the Aerial Delivery and Liquid Logistics Branch (ADL2), and the Automated Logistical, Supply and Subsistence Branch (ALS2).

The Aerial Delivery and Liquid Logistics Branch consists of six sections which develop the training to educate the Warfighter Logistician to provide field shower, field laundry, fabric and light textile repair, tactical field exchange, provide purified water and high quality petroleum based products such as fuel and lubricants, to the force. This branch develops training for personnel in MOSs 92F, 92L, 92R, 92S, 92W and certain QM functional courses.

The Automated Logistics, Supply and Subsistence Branch develops the training and doctrine materials required to educate the Warfighter Logistician in the skills needed to perform subsistence management, dining facility operations, requisition, storage and distribution of items to the force, such as repair parts, rations, water, petroleum, individual and organizational clothing and equipment, personal demand items, administrative supplies, unclassified maps, fortification and barrier material, as well as services, such as tactical field exchange, reclamation, salvage, and property disposal. This branch develops training for MOSs 92A, 92G and 92Y.

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