Training Technology Division


To develop and integrate learning technologies into the Sustainment learning community in order to optimize learning effectiveness, maximize institutional support to Sustainment units and ensure efficient use of limited resources.



(1) Lead in lifelong learning strategies for CASCOM & SCoE Community, ensuring Lifelong Learning Program is synchronized with the TRADOC PAM 525-8-2, Army Learning Concept 2015. 

(2) Support the use and deployment of learning technologies to provide a media rich environment in support of the Army Learning Model (ALM).

(3) Advise senior leaders on new and emerging technology and its application to learning.

(4) Operate the SCoE Lifelong Learning Center (Portal) in support of assigned CASCOM schools and proponents.

(5) Administer the Training Development Capability (TDC) web-based application and relational database used for Army training and development support and management functions.

(6) Manage the Defense Automated Visual Information System (DAVI)/Defense Instructional Technology Information System (DITIS) projects to include required funding and support. Consult with related graphics, television production and engineering experts and project managers in the development and implementation of multimedia products.

(7) Leverage existing/emerging training support systems (TSS); training aids, devices, simulators and simulations (TADSS); new equipment training (NET) packages, and other initiatives to support efficient and cost-effective delivery of training products through Lifelong Learning components. Develop training for current and emerging logistics enterprise Automated Information Systems (AIS) to support efficient and


  • ALM Training Integration
  • DL/IMI Courseware Development
  • DL Contract Management
  • Graphic/Courseware Design
  • TDC Database Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Video Production
  • Web Design
  • Blackboard Training & Administration
  • Console Gaming Scenarios
  • VBS3
  • eBooks

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