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CASCOM/G6 CIO Help Desk: (804) 734-4211

** Attention Building 5020 Occupants **

As of June 2016 NEC-LEE will assume all IT baseline support for computer equipment. This includes all desktop and laptop computers, monitors, and printers assigned for use by employees in building 5020.

Per OPORD 93-161020-17 Army Enterprise Service Desk-Worldwide (AESD-W), Knowledge Management Support Policy, all Remedy (work order) requests will be initiated through the Army Enterprise Service Desk (AESD). This also includes VIP tickets.

Users requesting IT support can contact the AESD service desk by calling 1-866-335-2769,or using the Self Service Portal (SRM) via this link.

For all other SCOE customers located in buildings on Fort Lee, please continue to use the below helpdesk ticket submission form.

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This page was last updated on: June 2, 2016